Miraflores Films provides a platform for women and BIPOC filmmakers to authentically tell their own stories through high-quality documentary filmmaking.

We believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard and their stories shared on a global scale.

Miraflores Films build space for those excluded from mainstream narratives to have their stories seen and heard.  By sharing these untold stories of extraordinary lives and perseverance, we create genuine connections with diverse audiences.

Our commitment extends to ensuring that our films make a social impact beyond entertainment.

Miraflores Films empowers our audiences with the tools to become actively engaged citizens. We believe in deliberate and dynamic distribution of our projects to inspire others to lead with compassion and be change-makers within their own communities.  

With This Light Now On Demand



During her 70 years as a nun, Sister Maria Rosa Leggol helped over 87,000 Honduran children escape poverty and violence through an ecosystem of social, educational and entrepreneurial projects, inspiring an international network of supporters to expand her work.

The film follows two young women in Sister’s programs as they try to navigate the uncertainty and dangers of modern Honduras. Rosa (18) has spent almost her entire life living inside the protection of Sister’s urban orphanage. As she prepares for her senior exam for college and a life of her own, she must confront both her fears and the ghosts of her violent childhood. Living in one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Maria (14) is trying to get an education, so she can break free from the cycle of poverty and violence that traps the women in her family by. She finds protection with Alfredo (18), struggling to balance her role of “wife” with her studies. With This Light poetically interweaves their stories with the almost miraculous story of Sister herself, a woman whose Catholic faith has sustained her through dictatorships, military coups, narco-states and natural disasters, all the while dedicating herself to society’s most vulnerable.



The film depicts the horrible realities of this unprovoked war instigated by Vladimir Putin. It is an exploration of the courage of the Ukrainian people, fiercely determined to stand their ground until ‘the last drop of blood’. Demonstrating an astounding ability to unite as a people and defend the sovereignty of their country, Ukrainians show compassion and resilience even when surrounded by death, destruction, and unfathomable war crimes. The film transports viewers through a war that started immediately after Maidan (Revolution of Dignity) in 2014 and continues through the 2022 Russian invasion. Through personal stories of civilians, children, soldiers, doctors, the country’s elderly, journalists, religious leaders, and international volunteers, this is a humanizing diary of millions of people whose lives were turned upside down by eight years of conflict.

FREEDOM ON FIRE: Ukraine’s fight for freedom is a companion piece to Oscar and Emmy nominated movie 

WINTER ON FIRE: Ukraine’s fight for freedom (Netflix / 2015).

We actively collaborate with like-minded filmmakers to achieve this goal.

Recent projects have engaged top-tier artists who work in collaboration with Miraflores founder and Executive Producer, Jessica P. Sarowitz, and the Miraflores team to create high quality work.

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